The Lab Results Are In!

 Well I finally got my Lab test results. I went to the park with Mom and Dad on Sunday and they wanted me to participate in some Lab experiment. As if I was part of some Mad Scientist evil plans for some diabolical event. Or some bad animal testing. I hope this doesn’t upset my animal rights!

So I went and got tested by not just one but TWO Labs. I guess they wanted to be sure the results are acurate. I think all of this is a bit much because I have already been tested at my neighborhood Lab, “Russ” and he approves of me. I guess as with all scientific experiments more testing is always good. I must say it was fun too. Here are my results…………

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Life Lesson: Sometimes Lab testing can turn out fun.

2 thoughts on “The Lab Results Are In!

  1. Oh man! I know all about those nutty labradoinks. I see one of them was all wet. Figures. I am so glad you survived your ordeal, but you might want to check for labracooties.


  2. Geeeez!!! I gotta hand it to you Meatball, you are a very tolerant fellow. I don’t know how I would react to those labs jumping all over me like that. I think I probably would have tried to run away, I mean, I wouldn’t want to hurt them or anything. Are those the labs that hang out near the kayak spot? I have seen 2 black labs there, but the owner never lets them come near me. I guess being a German Shepherd, people aren’t too sure how I’m gonna react, hell, I’m not even sure half the time. Miss you buddy, how bout Sunday at 11am at the park, if it doesn’t rain? I’ll bring little Dixie, I think that’s what her name is. Well, keep up the good work Pal………………

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