Correct Me If I Am Wrong…….

 Correct me if I am wrong…but doesn’t appear that my dad is growing shorter….but wider?

I don’t mean to be Mean, but as we were having our father to son lie down talk the other day I noticed that he isn’t so big anymore.    ….”I think I can take him”, was my first thoght. NO! I told myself stop thinking that, we’re family and I love my dad……but just in case…NO!. Anyway I think I could protect him or my Mommy if I had to. Well I would protect my Momy, my dad…I think it is his job to protect me, so I would get behind him.   Don’t worry dad, “I got your back”.

So as the world around me shrinks, the counter tops, the table, the rest of the furniture, the bed, the front porch, the cars back seat, and my dad, I am left with this “Gulivers Travels” feeling. Am I on my way to “liliput”? Should I bottle and sell MGH ,( Mastiff Growth Hormones to professional athletes? Will we need a bigger car? House? Bed? Dog dish? Planet?   Soon it will be’ “Meet my little friend…he’s my dad”. But I will always treasure our lie down chats.

Life Lesson: No matter how big you get or think you are, always treasure time with your dad!

4 thoughts on “Correct Me If I Am Wrong…….

  1. Hey Meatball, sorry I couldn’t come to the park today. I have a stupid, red, itchy rash under my arm and it has to stay dry. Since it was so humid and hot this morning, Mommy said I need to stay home because I wouldn’t be able to go into the water at the Hudson. I missed seeing you today, but, I am going to try and come next Sunday and get this, I will have a new baby sister for you to meet. I haven’t even seen her yet but, she is coming this Friday. Her name is Dixie. She is 11 weeks old. They tell me she’s cute. You will like her too, I’m sure. Now you will have 2 friends to play with. See you soon.

  2. Wow, you are going to have a sister? Lucky you! I want my parents to get me a Spaghetti but they say that they want to spend all of their love on me, (yeah right!) I think they just are afraid of what the two of us would do, …and the vet bills.

  3. I know what you mean. I keep going to the Vet for my leg pains and rashes once in a while. Mom says that the new pup is coming with health insurance. Whatever that means. Anyway, I hope to see you soon Meatball and I will bring little Sis along. Take care……………………

  4. Hey Meatball, did you Dad tell you about the Trophy he won at the Saratoga Sport & Exotic Show? His Mas was the “Hit” of the show. Have him show you the pics that I sent him. He deserved the award. It was for the Best Italian car. Too bad they didn’t have an award for the best in show. He would have won that also.

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