Sasquatch aka Big foot. Yup, that’s my foot super imposed on my dads foot. I think I am going to borrow his shoes soon! (and not just for chewing on).

 Thats my foot on my dads hand.

There it is again. of course he is showing off that he has thumbs! ….couldn’t they take the picture from the other side?

 All of these foot picutres! it’s like I have a foot fetish, …but it is actually a paw thing. I don’t have the photo but if you put my ankle inline with my dads my foot is as long as his.  Plus I have FOUR  of them! Four Wheel (paw) drive!

Life Lesson: If you have big feet you will also have big shoes to fill….it’s expected.

3 thoughts on “Sasquatch

  1. Yeah, He wouldn’t want to fall over…. He might start an earthquake!…or at least rattle everythign in the house, maybe set of the geologists seismic counters?

  2. My Mom yells ouch, when I step on her foot. Sometimes I am a little clumsy with that. It’s usually when I’m running for the food bowl or after the cat. Hey, you know what they say about big feet right? Makes it hard to find shoes. What did you THINK I meant? haha, later Meatball……………

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