Blighty! You Mean Jolly Old England, eh what?

I  am learning all about my heritage. My people, ‘er dogs, come from England aka GREAT Britain…… there a not so great Britain? Like a just plain old regular Britain? I learned it is also called Old Blighty…and they talk funny. I wonder if the dogs bark funny over there? I wonder what a British accented bark sounds like?

The Romans used, uh, employed, my ancestors to guard their forts! That must have been a good job! Plus they probably got to eat Italian food all of the time YUM! They probably got to ride around in Ferrari chariots and in the side cars of the Roman Ducati’s, get to meet Sophia Loren’s ancestors dogs and listen to stories about “the old neighborhood”. Hey Wats amatta fo you!   …OK, now I want a canoli.

Oh, yeah, England…I’m an English mastiff, all bangers and mash eh guvnuh? Maybe my ancestors rode in Bently, Aston Martin, or Rolls Royce chariots? Maybe They had a Triumph with a side car?, and maybe they met some page six girls’ ancestors dog? Maybe they were the dogs of the manor?…I still want a canoli though.

So THATS where England is?

Life Lesson: You should know your heritage and be proud of it. Everywhere and everone has greatness to contribute to the rest of the world.

What’s In A Name?

 Hi, My name is Meatball! What is yours?…………….Why?

I am named Meatball because before my mom and dad got me, before they were even sure they were going to get a dog, just about when my dad was deciding if he had the time, energy, and desire to take care of a dog. He had a dream! Yeah, sort of like Dr. Martin Luther King….but my dads dream wasn’t so fancy, beautiful, fabulous, hmmm there are too many adjectives. Let’s just say my dads dream was a bit “plainer” and not quite as inspired. He had a dream that he was walking a sort of big but not yet full grown mastiff. In his dream he was in the parking lot of the 84 Diner right about by the light post with the big yellow cement base and he was walking someone like me, (maybe it was me?). then from out of nowhere, (in the dream) his dad came walking up and rubbed the mastiff on the head and said, “Hi Meatball, ….How are you doin’ Meatball?”  Wierd huh?

So I was named “Meatball”.

They, (mom and dad) tried to think of other names for me. More fun, more fitting, more  noble, more something names. But Meatball stuck. Some of the other names they thought of were. Fluffy, Tiny, Thunder, Flash uh-huhhhhh master of the universe, (too long), Ming the Merciless, Mostro Brutale, Aso, (Filipino for dog but sounds too much like asshol*…you get the picture…they might have named me that too), Barnes, (as in half of Barnes & Nobels and then get another dog and name him “Nobels…..dumb)), Bear, also Megatron, (also dumb0,  and I am sure there were a lot of others.

In the end they had to give me a formal name also, The breeder insisted and the AKC would require it. And so I also have my “real” name on my official documents. It is….(drumroll please)…..”Madigans The Great Barrington”! Maidigans the breeder is where all of my relatives come from and is where I am from. They are my heritage just as say, Prince William is from the Royal Family, the Windsors I believe, (if I was a real writer I would have to research that…but I think you get my drift).

So there that is my name and how it came to be. I am Meatball, the Madigans Great Barrington! From a long line of Great English Mastiffs! From a long line of fine breeding! From a Great Family! A name I am proud to wear. A family I am proud to honor. From a line I am proud to represent!

Life Lesson: Know who you are and where you come from. Family



Yup, I turned 16 months yestrday. Light up the 16 Candles, get the cake out, lets Rock and Roll all night and party everyday! I am almost 1/2 way out of my puppy stage and becoming full grown! YAY!!!

Lets do some FAQ’s and the answers.

So, yes, I still am going to get bigger.

Yes, I still like to play with stuffed animals and No, they do not look like they end up enjoying the experieince.

I eat about 7 cups of dog food a day and it gets supplemented with about two cups of “other stuff”.

Yes, I drool a lot.

Yes, I am bigger than your child that you are showing me to …I am bigger than you too lady, so don’t act so smug aand condescending to your kid. They KNOW I am bigger than them and also bigger than you, They got eyes!

Yes, I shed…constantly in this hot weather.

Yes, I jump on the bed, sleep there during the day too!

No, I don’t go on the couch, (some training stuck).

Yes, I am walking him, he only thinks he is walking me.

….and I haven’t bitten anyone yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t bite. But do you really want to give me a reason to?

The top picture was me on the outside.

 This is me on the inside.

Life Lesson: What we are, what we see oursleves as, and what others see us are three different things.

Daddys Gonna’ Need A Bigger Car!

I am outdoors, so I am HappY!  A little drooly, a little thirsty, a little tired, and a whole lot of happy!

Dad and Mom took me to the park a few weeks ago so I could play with my friend Ryder, (I wonder if he is named for CC Ryder?), We had a great time.

….See, that is me and Ryder. We are a lot alike…..big tough goofballs who just like to play…..where was I ?

Oh yeah, I like going for rides, but dads car is shrinking, (…along with everything else in  my world). It is getting hard to stand up without crouching. Ooooohhhhh, “crouching doggy hidden waggin’. ……ok, that was stupid…………….. where was I again?, …Oh yeah, It is also getting hard for me to get my head out of the window and to manuver in the car.  Maybe he should get a bus?

Life Lesson: Guliver didn’t travel by car for a reason!

Man Love!

This video doesn’t exist

OK! I’ll bet I got your attention!
Sorry for the long absence. I guess I was on sabatacle.

I just wanted everyone to know that I did NOT attack and actually eat my daddy. I know rumors were probably swirling around cyber space, but as you can see he is still with us.

Whose your daddy? He’s my daddy.  Grrruuuff!

Life Lesson: Let your daddy know that you love him.


This video doesn’t exist

Sometimes guys just have to have it out. Play fighting is not just good fun it also lets you fight without “fighting”. Kinda’ like the WWE..or is it WWF? Maybe WTF? I dunno’ I’m a dog.

 I do enjoy attacking my dad. he plays rough…but not too rough. When he plays too rough I get scared and run for cover. But after we play rough we make up… fighting more.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Boys will be boys…even if one is a dog.

Extended Family

My dad wanted to show me pictures of my extended English family. My mom said’ “Yawn” I ran for my rawhide and my dad looked at these photos by himself.

Jaguar xk 120 ?


MG TCJaguar E-type (drop head coupe)

Jaguar E-Type (fixed head coupe)

Lotus Elan

He kept going on and on that they are all British, like my ancestors. He said he saw some at Hemmings Sports & Exotic auto show and some at Lime rock race track, blah, blah, blah, snore, snore. I don’t see how they are related. None of them have floppy ears, big teeth, a cold wet nose, no tail, no fur, no nuthin’!

I think my dad is nuts……………..but he feeds me so I guess that he is OK in my book. Be as nuts as you want as long as you feed me and are nice.

Life Lesson: Sometimes your relatives don’t look like you and sometimes they are nuts, but as long as they are nice they are perfect.

Na Na Nah Na Na…..

 the table now is no longer an obstacle to keep something from me. Actually it hasn’t been for a long time. I can easily swipe anything from the table. I can also grab anything that is left near the edge of the counter tops, I don’t even have to jump up.           Nothing is safe!

…and I like yummy stuff! …even un yummy stuff! Just yesterday I grabed my moms comb off the bathroom counter and ate off all of the teeth/tines/ whatever you call those things. (Sorry no pictures yet). My dad had to go all around on the floorand on the bed to collect them all so he could make sure that I didn’t swallow any.

So now my universe has expanded. I don’t need no curiosity, I have my nose!

Life Lesson: Your horizons will expand as you grow…and as you grow your horizons will expand. Kinda’ philisophical for a dog, eh?…(oops I used my Canadian accent)

Model Behavior…UM, …..NO

Everyone tells me how good looking I am. It is always, “Oh what a good looking dog”! Here is the thing however…I am just a regular guy. I like to drool….a lot!

 I drool on everything, I drool everywhere. I drool and shake my head so it goes airborne…kinda’ like horizontal drool rain. We are talking copious amounts of drool.

 let the evidence show…I have drooled on someones, (I think it was my mom’s…ooops, sorry mom) pants.

When I am not drooling I am peeing rivers and pooping mountains. Sorry no photos, because this is a family blog we have to show a certain amount of decorum. I do have a photo of my dad’s pooper scooper……….

So, I don’t think I will ever get to walk the …”catwalk?”, “dogwalk?” I would probably shower the judges with drool and then poop on their runway…and if there is anything and I mean anything that is verticle, I will smell it and pee on it.  SO, If you want a “model” “metrosexual” doggy try this guy I tried to meet but was politely rebuffed.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Some of us are just meant to be regular dudes.

p.s. I snore

Dancing With Daddy

 Sorry I haven’t written in awhile…writers block. It is sort of like the Eastern Bloc, cell block, cinder block, or wooden block but with the hands, …’er paws.

So today me dad wanted to teach me to dance. It’s not like he knows how to, but he figured it is his job to try to teach me.

……We didn’t do so well…… It is hard for me to stay on just to feet for long and he can’t hold me up for too long either. I don’t know how he is going to carry me around like one of those little accessory poodles that some people have in their purse or “man bag”? (I have alweays wanted to be carried around like that especially when my feet get tired.) Maybe he will have to have an accessory wheelbarrow?

…..So we really didn’t learn to dance, but we did learn somethings. We learned my dad can’t carry me around. We learned I can’t stand up on my hind legs very long (I wonder how those dancing dogs do it)? We learned that neither of us will be on “Dancing with the Stars” even if they have a doggy version. We learned that I have four legs for a reason. We learned we aren’t too gracefull.  There are probably more lessons here but that is enough for me to contemplate for one evening.

“Dancing with the Dogs” a new TV show coming soon!

Life Lesson: Try learning something new, even if you don’t get it, you will learn something!