Dark Shadows

I was just hanging out trying to get my picture taken in an “artsy” way by my Mom. What do you think? Ok, I may not be Johnny Depp but I do haver a nice smile and I have softer ears, (I think anyway…I have never felt Captain Jack Sparrow’s  ears so I can’t say for certain.)

Life Lesson: We all have some great features.

3 thoughts on “Dark Shadows

  1. You have the head of a Greek God my friend. Regal, Majestic, and full of expression. To look into your eyes is to see the true meaning of life. To Love, to want to please, to eat hamburgers, hotdogs, pork chops, bacon, chicken………………….Oh, wait a minute I lost my thought, well, anyway, you are a true Adonis of dogs. Yes, and you are a friend of mine.


    • Aw shucks, you are too kind my friend. Thank you. …Truth betold my dad was hoping I would be ugly. You know one of those Mastiffs with the huge blocky head and lots of jowls….hmmmm did you say hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, bacon…..pork chops…..

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