…..And In Other Exciting News……

 Mom is not feeling well, so I am sad.  I don’t know what to do. How can I make her feel better?………….Maybe I should eat? at least I will feel better!

 Hmmmm, Yum, that was good….in fact yes! I do feel better!    ….now I should rest, maybe that will help also?

 Oh yeah, that hits the spot! Now what to do tomorrow?

 I’ll tell dad to take better care of mom so it looks like my job here is done 🙂 !

Life Lesson: When your mom is sick tell dad to handle it. ( I am not sure if that is really the good and positive “Life Lesson” I am supposed to be teaching here, but then again training humans is hard….some of them aren’t too bright………dad….not to mention any names or nothin’)

2 thoughts on “…..And In Other Exciting News……

  1. My friend, I fear you are falling down on the job. A mastiff must care for the sick humans even at the risk of some personal sacrifice. You need to snuggle her and put your big old head in her lap and channel your healing vibes into her person. Now get to it (but taking a nommy foodable break is acceptable).


  2. I am sorry your Mom is not feeling well. Try giving her some special attention like stealing the socks off her feet and then licking her toes. Always makes my Mom laugh.

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