Stayin’ Cool

On those hot days I like to sit in the Hudson river. It is an aquired taste. At first I wasn’t so sure and I was quite hesitant about going into the water. I must say this is usually in enough for me, but this is good.

 This is me and my buddy Ryder. he helped convince me that it was a good idea to go into the water. My dad wants me to go all the way in, but I just don’t know. Kicking around with Ryder is fun though.

 Just Lyin’ in the Water and Chillin’. We Cool, We Cool.

Life Lesson: When the heat is on be cool.

1 thought on “Stayin’ Cool

  1. Hey Meatball, it’s me Ryder. Boy, it’s been really hot and looking at these pictures makes me want to jump right in again. My Dad hasn’t transferred his pics onto the computer yet, but when he does, I will put them up for you to see. I think he got some good shots of me barking at him to get out of the water. He was making me nervous. Gee, I have to watch out for the humans, they don’t know danger when they see it. I hope you have been well, and I hope to see you again real soon. I have 2 small swimmy pools in my yard and if you want, you can use one and I can use the other. There’s no fence though, only that crazy one that makes me jump. Stay away from that thing. If your Dad doesn’t mind having you on the leash, maybe you can come play some time. Well, see you pal and stay COOL……………………

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