Taba Taba Ching Ching

 Ok, Ok, for all of those who speak Tagaolg, ( not me, and I am not even sure I spelled that right either) I believe it is supposed ot be “taBAT, Ching Ching”. strong accent on the Bat, (baht) of the tabat and then ching ching. But to my dad it just sounds “better”, i.e. more melodius by saying it “TAba taba ching ching” . I think it means something to the effect of cute and fat…maybe like chubby.

I am saying this because I went to the vet the other day and I checked out A OK. My blood came back good and my poop too. BUT, the vet said I had a little too much on my ribs. Apparently she would like me to have my ribs showing a bit more than they do. That came as a bit of a shock to my dad as he feels I am a very picky eater and don’t eat all that much, (yeah people are suprised…they think I eat my parents out of house and home).

So after a long talk with my dad we both kind of figured that A). I eat what I need and in this heat when I am not very active I eat less, so dad, don’t freak out if I go with out eating. and B). The vet was probably trying to scare my dad into making sure I don’t get fat because it is probably the worst thing for me, my joints, and my  heart.

ps. You can still see my ribs a bit, so it isn’t like I am some porker, ….just a little “taba taba ching ching”. I kinda’ like the ring to that.

This video doesn’t exist


Life Lesson: Worry about your health not your weight.

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