I Think I have Graduated?

 I used to be a spoiled little dog. I use to cry when I was left alone. I used to be a slightly picky eater, I used to want a lot of attention.

Now I have graduated. Now I am, a spoiled big dog. Now I don’t cry when I get left alone, I BARK!  Now I am a professionally picky eater. I only eat the best “human Grade” food. Now I DEMAND a lot of attention.

I am now a “Prima Donna”, (I guess before I was just a donna?). I used to be a “nudge”, now I am a DIVA! I used to be a little pain in the a**. Now I am a big PITA, (Pain In The A**!!!)

My dad says this can all be cured with a little metal object, they call a bullet, …but I think he is just joking….I think?

Life Lesson: Humans are easilly trained.

3 thoughts on “I Think I have Graduated?

  1. Meatball, I know the human food is good, but you must eat your dog food. I’m told it has essential vitamins for us. It is a balanced diet for us pooches, not human food. Just have a burger or hotdog mixed in with it and pretend the rest of it tastes just as good. I was picking out the pieces of hamburger and stuff until Mom got wise and started to completely smash up the burger or dog in the food processor so that I couldn’t do that. It’s not so bad, I guess I have come to accept it. Maybe even a little gravy too. Well, I’m here for you pal, I feel your pain. Just be glad they haven’t taken you to that trainer I went to, OUCH, that was rough!!!! Later pal…..

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