Like my dad I not only eat for sustanance, we also eat for enjoyment. If the food is good, we both like to savor it even after there is no more physiologigcal, (if I spelled that wrong please remember I am just a dog),  need to eat. The fact that we still feel hungry or still want to eat more we call it “emotional huinger”. Often my mom will say, “you’ve had enough” and we will say, “but I am still emotionally hungry!”

Lately however my food has been bland. BLAH! So I have decided to go on a hunger strike. Power to the Puppies!  We are revolting because our food is revolting!….that is our motto, pretty cool huh? See what I did there? I used the word “revolting” two different ways, pretty trick  huh? Kinda’ makes me one smart pooch, eh? Us revolutionaries have to be intellects, it is like part of the code, otherwise world leaders won’t notice you. Maybe I can get some sort of Nobel Peace prize? Maybe like a piece of pizza? Wait, is it Peace prize or Piece prize? Diddn’t Al Gore win one? or was it Obama? (is it supposed to be O’bama?…isn’t he Irish?)…any way I digress if it was one of them it must be a Piece prize. Maybe they got a piece of gum or something? Neither of them ever created Peace so it must be Piece?

Where was I? Oh yeah, So my dad realized I was revolting, (Ok I am not revolting I am in the action of revolt as in revolution not as in stomach turning) so he decided to give in and give me some chicken in my dog food. Me being the hard core revolutionary that I am,  held out. POWER TO THE PUPPIES! Right On!  So he then gave me some pork chop in my food too. …and I was like, ” wassup dog no appetizer”? So then he topped it all off with some Cheeto’s!
So, in the end the pro-western establishment sued for peace with the upstart PUPPY NATION and all were happy and there was peace and tranquility in the world once more!

Life Lesson: You have to fight for what you want, but you don’t have to be revolting.

3 thoughts on “HUNGER STRIKE!!!!

  1. Oh dear, my friend, one does worry about the extremes of your hunger strike and resorting to the cheetos which , while nommy, are not so very good for your innards. I hope that you do not have something amiss with your digestions and am wondering if you might want to take a trip to the vet to get your mouth and blood checked. Sometimes tummy troubles or an owie toofer make one reluctant to eat.

    That said, I will tell you that if you are not sick then you need to suck it up and eat your foodables. Here is what I, Mango eat, and it is quite tasty. I have some Natures Balance kibble topped with a couple of Primal Burgers (you can google Primal Dog Food to find a store that sells them). Then I add a cup of fruit or vegetables like green beans, apples (seeds removed), banana, or carrot. Yum! You know what else is good? Raw ground beef. Just make sure you get the good stuff.

    Now when my Beautiful Raja had some sickies she had to eat special food that tasted like crap and she went on a little hunger strike, but momma found that chicken broth was just the ticket. She also only ever let Raja eat what was in her bowl and if she did not eat it, then the bowl was removed after 15 minutes. I think she got kind of hungry, but it worked and she ate the nasty kibbles. Oh, I almost forgot, she had canned mackerel on it sometimes too. Stinky, but yummy.

    Hope that helps.


    • Dear Mango,

      I think that if I skipped another meal, I think I would’ve gotten a vet visit. But I did… so I guess I am not too bad. Thank you very much for the tips… My mommy especially likes the withholding food after 5 minutes:) but I like the raw beef part the best:)

  2. Meatball goes for his annuall physical 2morrow, all will be looked at and discussed. Somehow I just know I am going to end up having to cook for him. I think it is inevitable. Maybe rice and a meat, ( beef, or liver, or jhicken livers, or what ever meat is on sale) with apples, (he LOVES those) and sometimes fish, although he isn’t crazy about fish, but something like salmon skin or I’ll try mackrel. What else would other pooches suggest?

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