Friday the 13th

I am usually not superstitious, but today really felt like a nightmare.

First of all, it was torture by hunger for me today. I had not eaten since Thursday breakfast.  Last night my dad just put butter in my dog food. I didn’t like it. This morning he put old hotdog buns to make it more interesting. It wasn’t. Even if I could probably go days without eating (I get by by eating a lot of ice and drinking a lot of water), going hungry is no fun.

Then, my mom is super extra grumpy today. The airconditioner broke down at her job, and she still had to work in the stifling, sweltering heat. I tried to make her feel better by licking on her face. My laway (spit) got into her mouth, and she was so grossed out. And not because it is some kind of bodily fluid (she is used to that), but that she had tasted it and it was bitter.

There is no winning today.

I hope tomorrow comes soon.

Life Lesson: Waiting is not a bad solution option.


4 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Are you a fussy eater? My goodness. You know what is nommy on foodables? Chicken broth, or sardines, or sometimes even baby food (I love the squash). I hope you don’t starve to death.


    • my mommy tried sardines once, i didn’t like it. my dad used to make chicken broth for me all the time, but i grew tired of it. Maybe i will try them again.

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