Chick Magnet

I went to work with my mommy today to do my usual sniffing around as Supreme Executive Highest Boss of the Security Department. All that hard work left me so drained and tired I had to rest by the doormat.

I could still see the humans walking by and sometimes, if somebody looks funny to me, I would get up and bark. My mommy is teaching me to NOT bark (what kind of security does not utilize the ever scary barking tactic??!), but as she is the Supreme Leader and Boss of Everything she thought it justified to swat me in the nose every time I did bark.

After all the work, then standing up and barking, and getting swatted, I finally settled down. There was no rest for the weary however, as two hot chicks saw me and went in just so they could pet me. They scratched my back, rubbed my belly, and told me how very adorable I was. They kept kissing me too. After a while I got tired of entertaining them, so I plopped down on the floor again. Thankfully they got the hint and left.

It’s a hard life, but somebody has to do it.

Life Lesson: Be thankful for your “hard” life. It could be harder.


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