Strangers in The Night.

Sometimes it is those late night chance encounters when you meet a new friend that become so memorable. I was just out with my mom and dad waiting near the Beacon train station walking around on the ferry dock and…that is where I met Harley.

He isn’t much of a Harley, more like a Vespa. But he was cool, he just walked right up to me with no fear and smelled my paw, (all he could reach), so maybe he is a little bit like a Harley, he had no fear! He even gave me a little growl and bark as if was going to bite a toe or something, but it was all cool. So we hung out and smelled each other for a little while and then parted ways. Like too ships passing in the night. …..what is that old song, “Strangers in the Night”? Wasn’t that Sinatra? …I wonder what breed he was?

Life Lesson: Chance encounters at night ad a little song to your history

5 thoughts on “Strangers in The Night.

  1. Hey, is that a dog, a raccoon, or a cat? I can’t tell. Listen, my Mom was getting ready to take me for a walk 3 weeks ago at night. When she opened the front door, there was a little orange and white kitten standing against the glass door meowing and wanting to come in. I got super excited and started barking and jumping up and down. My Mom, being a clueless human, quickly closed the door in fear that I wanted to attack the kitty.(really I just was really excited and wanted to play with her). Anyway, she called one of my boys downstairs and asked him to put the kitty in what used to be my crate until she had a chance to figure out what to do with it. I went for my walk and then came over to the porch where kitty was captured, and lay there sniffing and she did the same. Well, to make a long story short, Kitty is now my playmate and we keep each other company at night. She is cool, not afraid to stand up to me, even though she only weighs 6 lbs, Mom took her to the SPCA vet. Her name is Shizanderpuss, don’t ask, I have no idea. So, like you said, you never know what random friend you may encounter in the night. Keep your nose clear, your ears up, and your eyes peeled. Later buddy!!!!

  2. “we’re two ships that pass in the night, and we smile and we say it’s alright…” that’s Barry Manilow’s song. “strangers in the night, exchanging glances, wondering in the night, what were the chances we’ll be sharing love before the night was through…” that’s Frank Sinatra. hmm, are you getting to be a romantic, meatball?

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