Hanging Out With Ryder

I finally got to meet my penpal Ryder today. He is a very good looking German shepherd, about 80ish pounds, almost the same coloring as me. The first time I saw him, I wanted to play right away.  He didn’t want to play with me at first. I think he was a little intimidated by my size. He kept avoiding me and went up a mound with his mommy so he could look down on me. I wanted to go to him so much but my daddy kept holding me back so I started crying. I know I sound like a crybaby but I cannot help it. Finally my dad got me to lie down so Ryder could smell my butt.

Then he finally let me come near him.

Then we played by the river.

He let me drink from his cup.

I know we are not best friends yet, but I sure hope someday we will be.

Life Lesson: A best friend is not made in a day. It takes lots and lots of small playdates.

4 thoughts on “Hanging Out With Ryder

  1. Hey Meatball, I am very happy that I met you. You are totally awesome!!! Wow, I can’t believe how big you are. Your head is twice the size of mine. I’m sorry I was a little stand offish when we first saw each other. I was not sure if you were a friend or foe. I know now that you are a friend for me. I’m glad we met. Maybe we can meet again next Sunday so that we can get closer. Ask your Mom and Dad. Let me know and I will bring more treats and plenty of water. Later pal, don’t eat any more DVDs or you might get banned from the park.

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