A Dad To Dog Talk

This video doesn’t exist

I am not sure how serious my dad was but I listened intently anyway, (just in case he wasn’t foolin’).

I was kinda’ bored one day when they left me alone for a little while. So I figured I would try to watch a DVD. Now without the whole opposable thumb thing, it is hard for me to load those into….where ever they put them. I guess I am also not very tech savy. SO, the next best thing is to chew on them……………..apparently not.

It was just so tempting. The DVD was in the case and up on the counter, (32 inches high or so) an easy reach. The box was nice and chewy crunchy and the DVD’s well they weren’t so good. That is why I only ate two out of the three part series, “Pillars of the Earth”. A very good movie/mini series by the way.Ian McShane and a bunch of other who ever’s. We already saw it so I am not sure why they are up in arms about it. See it once and then chew it up, that’s the dogs way. Ok some times it is just the “chew it up” part.

Later my dad and I had a long talk about something. I kinda’ forget, it is all just “blah, blah, blah, to me. But it seems important to him so I listened intently and he felt better.

…btw is he shrinking?

Life Lesson: When someone is talking to you, listen intently. It may be important. If you just can’t listen at least act like you are.

4 thoughts on “A Dad To Dog Talk

  1. Hey Meatball, that stuff can cause lots of problems if you swallow it. I was watching an episode of, “My dog ate what?”, with my Mom, and some of the stuff those dogs ate caused major problems for them, including surgery and long hospital stays. Wow, one dog actually swallowed 3 tennis balls whole. I was impressed as to how the hell he even managed to do that. He was a dog like you. I mean, a Mastiff. I’m not allowed to even play with tennis balls since someone my Mom knows has a Shepherd who almost chocked to death on one. I’m sorry that you are so bored when left alone. I will try to think of some way to keep you busy. The wheels are turning, stomach churning a little too. Well, see you later pal. Chin up and all that sort or thing!

      • Haha, a volley ball? Wow, I have a big orange ball, about the size of a volley ball, but I have to bite it in order to hold it in my mouth. I’m afraid one day it will deflate. I had fun playing with you. I was really tired when I got home and slept like a kitty.

  2. Hey Meatball !
    Make sure that your Dad is looking at you straight in the eyes. If he does that, then you know he’s serious. But eating C.D.’s can give you some serious indegestion, not to mention it can do serious damage coming out the other end, if you know what I mean.

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