The Unattended Siopao

We had a mini-Fourth of July party yesterday. My mom served Siopao (Filipino pork bun) for lunch. It smelled so good. I tried to show them that I wanted one for myself, but they did not even offer. Luckily my mom saw a deer outside. She took the guests outside so they could “ooh” and “aah” at the deer. I initially went outside to see what they thought was interesting. When I found out it was just the Deer Pack, I snuck back inside while my mom was bragging about our non-human neighbors. There was this one siopao all by its lonesome on the coffee table. Being the kind-hearted doggie that I am, I couldn’t just let the siopao be lonely. So I ate it. I also ate the paper that came with it just in case they look for it. I could always say it was Bert, the groundhog.

4 thoughts on “The Unattended Siopao

  1. You’re going to have to RE-LEARN your manners, boy. When there’s only one piece left, you’re supposed to ask for permission to eat the last piece, and not steal it when no one is looking. That piece was being saved for your guest, and you ate it? That was not very hospitable of you. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

  2. Good work pal! I’m proud of you. I once ate a piece of pork soaked napkin right out of the garbage when my Dad wasn’t looking. They thought it was disgusting, but, I knew it was delicious!! Yum, pork, the other white meat!

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