I Don’t Want To Hold Your Hand!

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Now that I am 14 months old, my dad wanted to see how big my paws are. He wanted to hold my hand, but I am a big dog now and I didn’t want to hold hands…………So we fought it out. Ok, We play fought. I won…but in the end I let him hold my hand, …’cause he’s my daddy.

Who’s your daddy? He’s my daddy!

…and my daddy’s hands are getting smaller. It’s like “slap me 5″…’cept I only have 4.

Life Lesson: Hold someones hand, it will make you and them feel better.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Hold Your Hand!

  1. Meatball, we are almost the same age. I am 16 months old. I wish we could have met when we were little puppies. Think of all the trouble we could have gotten into. Ha-ha, but we can still get into some trouble, I bet. I don’t like when my paw is held, I snarl and growl a little. I don’t hurt anyone, just letting them know to please let go. When the Vet trims my nails, she puts a muzzle on me. That’s CHEATING!!!

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