First World (Dog) Problems

1. I’m bored. My parents leave me by myself, with nobody to play with, at least 6 hours a day, that I spend just lying around in the bed.

2. Every time somebody cleans the house, my toys gets all piled up in a corner. I have to go pick them up one by one and put them in their proper place – all over the floor.

3. I have to have baths and be groomed.

4. I have to go to the vet and get shots.

5. I haven’t gotten a new toy in 3 weeks!

6. Sometimes I would have to snub my food 3 times before I get the right food/dog food combination that suits my taste.

7. My dad makes me watch “Casablanca”.

Life Lesson: Problems tend to be not as onerous as we think them to be.

9 thoughts on “First World (Dog) Problems

  1. What about trying to find out what dog problems they have in the third world! What about going for a vacation to the Philippines even just for a few weeks? Who knows!? You might find life ever more interesting and not ever boring at all!

  2. That last comment would be great for you.
    But, you really have a tough life. Why don’t you look for something to do, such as, helping to clean the yard, or other things to help your Mom and Dad. Maybe you could clean your Dad’s cars. there are so many things that you could do. Think about it.

  3. I feel for you pal. It must be rough being left alone for that long. If my Mom goes out, one of my boys are usually here with me. I’m sure your Dad doesn’t like leaving you alone but has no other choice. I can tell that he is a good guy with your best interest at heart. I wish I could help you in some way. Any ideas?

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