Boy Toy

Ever since my dad sold his old Volvo, he has always been pining for a new old car. He looked at a lot of cars but he didn’t really find anything that he really, really, really liked. Until last week. He gave hints that he might buy it. My mom, being ever enterprising, just asked for bribe money so she will agree to it.

My dad fell in love with a 1983 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce he saw on Ebay. And he bid low on it, so he will not feel guilty spending money when we are currently broke. He was not expecting to win it. Yet he did. And he kept saying he was sorry. But when he got it yesterday, it was so obvious that he wasn’t. He couldn’t keep the grin off his face.

And all I could think of was why??? There isn’t enough room in it for me! My mom’s car is better.

This video doesn’t exist

When I got off the car, my dad got all huffy and upset because I got drool and hair in the car. I do not think I will ever actually get to ride in it.

Life Lesson: Daddies need toys. Mommies need bribe money. Just facts of life.


4 thoughts on “Boy Toy

  1. You would look great behind the wheel
    Your Dad sure looks happy. Now, let him take you for a ride and buy you an ice cream cone.

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