Dark Shadows

I was just hanging out trying to get my picture taken in an “artsy” way by my Mom. What do you think? Ok, I may not be Johnny Depp but I do haver a nice smile and I have softer ears, (I think anyway…I have never felt Captain Jack Sparrow’s  ears so I can’t say for certain.)

Life Lesson: We all have some great features.

Dark Knight Rises ….indeed!

 (Ok, it is an old picture and I am a bit younger but I didn’t have a new photo of me in the dark)…and it was very dark! We were watching some of the Olympics sychronized falling off a platform into the water I believe and my dad was also making dinner, (on the grill) and all of a sudden we losty power. Yup Central Hudson dropped the ball again.

Everyone else ate dinner by flashlight, but I just couldn’t eat. maybe I was waiting around for Batman or Bat Woman or some Joker or whoever, but I stayed close to my people. I have to guard them you know, it is my basic instinct.

First my dad was worried about the ice cream melting in the freezer, so he ate all of it. Then he got tired of waiting and wondering when the power would come back so he dragged out the generator he got last year after too many other power outages and hooked it all up and voila!, (thats Waaa Laaa in English) we had power again! ….then after a few minutes the real power came back on…and we saw the light!

Life Lesson: If you buy a snow blower it won’t snow. If you buy a generator you won’t really lose power, If you save for a rainy day it won’t rain…but if you buy a convertible it will rain. If you prepare for the worst it won’t happen and if you prepare for the best…that won’t happen either.

SO, How Was Your Day?

 My dad took me out to the park, (Memorial park) three times! Yes, We walked there three time today! AND we also went to Long Dock Park once, (Sorry Ryder for not being there this morning, my mom had to catch a train and my dad was running late and it looked kinda’ like rain…and we never got out of the house on time).

In between I hung out with my dad, we worked in the basement. My dad is building an exam table for the Beacon office of Orange Pediatric Care, P.C. located at 301 Main Street Beacon, NY. 12508 (845) 831-5995….(cheap plug for us! wooohooo) I am the mascot…well, I get to hang out there occasionally. so we were in the basement putting a final coat of finish on it. we also had to fix the blasted water heater again, (It is an AO Smith Promax water heater, my dad says it is a piece of junk because the VF sensor is always getting triggered and turning the water heater off. (the VF sensor is the “volatile fume” sensor bu tit is way too sensitive and even if the basement is a little dusty it goes off or if he is letting varnish dry). …that was the “anti plug”

hmmm… what else we watched some of the Olympics, they’re in London and since I am an English Mastiff I figured I should watch. We saw some water polo, which seemed like soccer, (football over there), but in the water and some gymnastics. It was Ok, but I didn’t see any dog events at the London Olympics. They are supposed to be games, Olympic games, but everyone seemed so serious.

Then for dinner I had dog food with chicken GIBLETS! wow those were good.. My dad saute’d them, (fancy word for fried them) yyuuuuummmmmm!

…and to top it all off I got to look at and even taste just a litle of the Black cherry and berry frozen shake my dad made for my mom.

….so I had a pretty darn good day!

Life Lesson: Enjoy all of the little things that make up your day.

I’m HOT! I am real HOT!…I am Smokin’!

 That’s right, I am Smokin’ Hot!

I went for a long walk with dad. I insisted we go to the park. We had a great time walking around and smelling everything. We met a bunch of people, kids, adults and  little Yorkie, he was cool…I was hot! My dad made me go home early even though we were having a good time. I never realized how hot and tired I was until we got within sight of the house. Then all of a sudden all I could think about was the air conditioned inside. I was pulling and ignoring everything else untill we got inside. Heck with the smelling everything on the way home. I have smelled it before and it usually smells like “poop”.

It was just one of my walks today and to be honest my dad doesn’t take me far when it is hot outside. We do more but shorter walks spaced out throughout the day. Then he makes sure I have plenty of fresh water and I lie by the air conditioning duct.

I can’t wait for nicer weather so I can run around again.

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Life Lesson: It is good to be “hot”, but it is better to be “cool”!

…..And In Other Exciting News……

 Mom is not feeling well, so I am sad.  I don’t know what to do. How can I make her feel better?………….Maybe I should eat? at least I will feel better!

 Hmmmm, Yum, that was good….in fact yes! I do feel better!    ….now I should rest, maybe that will help also?

 Oh yeah, that hits the spot! Now what to do tomorrow?

 I’ll tell dad to take better care of mom so it looks like my job here is done 🙂 !

Life Lesson: When your mom is sick tell dad to handle it. ( I am not sure if that is really the good and positive “Life Lesson” I am supposed to be teaching here, but then again training humans is hard….some of them aren’t too bright………dad….not to mention any names or nothin’)

Not Much Today………

 Not much to write about today. Mom and dad worked. Dad came home around 2:30 or so and we walked to the park and then half way around where upon I decided I didn’t wan to go the whole way so I did my best mule imitation and made my dad turn around and then we walked home. He called me stupid and said it was the same distance once we got half way around, but I called him stupid because he doesn’t know that the first half smells better anyway. So then we got home and I crashed inmy usual spot when I am hot after a long walk…right in front of the air conditioning duct.

I used to lie there last year and it would cool almost all of me off. Now it jsut cools my butt. In guess I grew a bit.

 Yup, that is the same duct, I’m just facing the other way. I guess I grew from the legnth of one cabinet to ..oh about two and a half cabinets. Is that a lot?

Anyway I like the A/C duct it’s MY spot!

Later my mom came home and took me to work with her and dad at the other office for the late shift. I met three new kids and a bunch of others outside, we stayed late untill maybe 8:30 or so…but that is people time so divide by 7 and it isn’t so bad.

Life Lesson: Know where to stake out your territory and learn to enjoy your time together.

Bear Escape, Racing Cars, My Missing Dad and Other News…..

No, No. I did not see or meet or even see evidence or anything remotely Bear like. My Poppy, (Grandfather) sent me this video and I thought it was awsome so I wanted to show it…..

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…and while I was alone almost all of Saturday I find out, (with video evidence) that my dad went to Limerock park, (a race track) in Ct. to watch the Ferrari Days! It is the Ferrari chalenge series where all of the cars are set up the same and the drivers battle it out for peeing rights, (I’ll bet I can pee more than they can!)

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Life Lesson: Sometimes you need a helping hand, (like the three little bears…or was it four?) and sometimes you get left behind.


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I have to walk everywhere. ….and almost always on a leash, Wlking, Walking, walking.

I have to walk to go out.  I have to walk to go to the bathroom, (which is out). I have to walk for fun. I have to walk to check out the neighborhood. I have to walk in the winters snow. I have to walk in the blistering summer’s heat. I have to walk in the rain.

It is always, “stop pulling” or when I stop to smell something its, “Lets go!”. Lets go, stop pulling, c’mon, fatser, slow down, blah, blah, blah. …………I have only four legs ya’ know! I have no shoes, no umbrella, no sense of time and no place to rush to or not!

I want to drive! I want a really hot sports car and I wan tto fly! One day I am going to steal my dads car and fly down the road with my head out the window, my tail waggin’, and my paws up on the dash! I’m gonna’ drive me down to the pet food store and get me a bunch of those jerky treats, (you know..the ones that are bad for you but taste so good! …Just like the humans make their food decisions!), then I’m gonna’ drive me to the park and chase down balls with the car. After that I am going to try to get some deer, squirrels, or other small animals and make them road kill. Maybe I’ll drive over to the dog park and pick up some friends and we can run like a pack. Maybe even steal a few other cars and be like a dog pack or like Alfred Hitchcocks “The Birds” but with dogs! oh, oh, oh or like Fredrick Forsythe’s “The Dogs of War”  Yeah, no more walking

Life Lesson: Walking is good for you.

Stayin’ Cool

On those hot days I like to sit in the Hudson river. It is an aquired taste. At first I wasn’t so sure and I was quite hesitant about going into the water. I must say this is usually in enough for me, but this is good.

 This is me and my buddy Ryder. he helped convince me that it was a good idea to go into the water. My dad wants me to go all the way in, but I just don’t know. Kicking around with Ryder is fun though.

 Just Lyin’ in the Water and Chillin’. We Cool, We Cool.

Life Lesson: When the heat is on be cool.

Taba Taba Ching Ching

 Ok, Ok, for all of those who speak Tagaolg, ( not me, and I am not even sure I spelled that right either) I believe it is supposed ot be “taBAT, Ching Ching”. strong accent on the Bat, (baht) of the tabat and then ching ching. But to my dad it just sounds “better”, i.e. more melodius by saying it “TAba taba ching ching” . I think it means something to the effect of cute and fat…maybe like chubby.

I am saying this because I went to the vet the other day and I checked out A OK. My blood came back good and my poop too. BUT, the vet said I had a little too much on my ribs. Apparently she would like me to have my ribs showing a bit more than they do. That came as a bit of a shock to my dad as he feels I am a very picky eater and don’t eat all that much, (yeah people are suprised…they think I eat my parents out of house and home).

So after a long talk with my dad we both kind of figured that A). I eat what I need and in this heat when I am not very active I eat less, so dad, don’t freak out if I go with out eating. and B). The vet was probably trying to scare my dad into making sure I don’t get fat because it is probably the worst thing for me, my joints, and my  heart.

ps. You can still see my ribs a bit, so it isn’t like I am some porker, ….just a little “taba taba ching ching”. I kinda’ like the ring to that.

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Life Lesson: Worry about your health not your weight.