It was 93 F today in Beacon, NY but with the humidity, it felt like 105. But my fur coat did not stop me today. I dragged my mom and my dad to a half mile hike to the park. It was like jogging in a sauna. But we had cotton candy ice cream after. Life is still good.

Life Lesson: It is not too hot if you have ice cream.

5 thoughts on “105

  1. You shouldn’t have cotton candy ice cream, that’s too sweet for you. Have something like “Butter Pecan”
    You’re soooo lucky to have an ice cream store near you to get treated to an ice cream cone. Next time, ask for a “Banana Split”

  2. Vanilla ice cream with some peanut butter swirled into it is excellent. My favorite. I just don’t know when I’ve had enough. Ha-ha, they have to like, push me away because I get like a rabid animal. Yum Yum Yum!!!!!! They actually make ice cream for dogs. It’s called Frosty Paws. Purina makes it, but my Mom hasn’t been able to find it anywhere. Oh well, I’m fine with the regular kind. I’m not picky about ice cream.

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