Heat Wave!

Everybody loves a fur coat! Oooooh, is that a mink? Rabbit? Fox?  It is like, “Oh Dahling you look fabulous!”

Well let me tell you something, when you have to live with a fur coat 24/7 in this heat, it ain’t no fun! It is Sooooo hot and I don’t mean “Hot”, I mean just plain old lousy, sweaty, smelly, crappy hot. Blech!

This is why there are wonderful things like the Majestic Hudson River So I can go swimming. Well almost swimming, sort of swimming? maybe kinda’ a little bit in the water getting my feet wet swimming.

Maybe I feel I am too big and won’t float? Labs float, they swim. I’m too fat.           Crazy labs, show offs, go to London swim in the Olympics would ya’. Maybe I would be happier with a kiddie pool? Who needs the majestic Hudson River anyway.

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: One persons luxury is another’s pain in the ..uh, tushie.

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