Homeless At Home

Sharing is No Fun – especially if you are made to share and you end up with nothing.

My four lolas (grandmothers) came to visit us this weekend. They have my mom’s afraid-of-dogs gene so they mostly try to stay away from me. They would pet me but they are tentative at best. But I was still excited because we had company. Until bedtime. My mom gave them all the real beds in the house (which are all MY beds). And I was not even allowed to enter the rooms, MY rooms. My mom, my dad and me all slept downstairs in the pull-out sofa bed (which is also the off-limits couch). I felt confused and put out. My dad tried to get me to get on the couch-bed, but I was like, “I’m not allowed in the couch!”. So I spent all night sleeping on the hard hardwood floors.

Come breakfast time, I had all their good leftovers. Now I love them.

Life Lesson: Be hospitable. You never know when you will be in need of kindness, generosity or shelter.


4 thoughts on “Homeless At Home

  1. Jim Madigan told me about you! We’re trying to decide if we’re ready for another baby mastiff.

    I’m glad you got to like your lolas once they fed you. Grandmas are good about feeding kids.

    Do you know Mango the Mastiff? http://mangosgreatadventures.blogspot.com/ He lives in Master-Chew-Sits with Dexter the Labradude AKA PeeWee. They’re pretty entertaining guys too.

    • Hi Mango and PeeWee Mom! I visited your site, and you have such cool pics! Maybe we will join your contest. All we have is dorky pictures though, so we might not win. I definitely encourage you to get another puppy:-) I want a sibling myself… Hopefully soon.

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