In Trouble Again

Before you start calling the Animal Cruelty peeps, it is not what you think. Yes I am being punished in the above picture, but No, my dad is not kicking my head.

My mom and I were having our usual backyard outing without the leash. I let her know that I want to go to the front yard. She’s easy so she went along with me. We had done this before and we just walked around the house and still end up in the backyard. This time my dad decided to join us, but he came out the front door. My mom thought that he got me so she left me to go to the neighbor’s house. She crossed the street, and I came running after her. With a fast-ish moving car coming straight for me. My dad was yelling bloody murder. It’s a good thing the car started slowing down. I was able to make it safely to my mom. She then spanked me in the butt for not listening to my dad. When she brought me back to  my dad, we both got yelled at – my mom for taking me out without a leash in the first place, and me for not following instructions.

My punishment – smelling my dad’s feet.

Life Lesson: There are inherent dangers to being free.

4 thoughts on “In Trouble Again

  1. Hey Meatball, glad to hear things turned out o.k. and you were not hurt. Tell your Dad that he can get you an invisible fence for your yard. We used Dog Guard fences. The number is 845-883-6712. They will connect you to the rep from this area, I believe his name was Mike. Our fence cost my Dad $925.00, and believe me, I don’t go past it because I know what comes next isn’t pleasant. I took a couple of hits when it first went up, but I’ve learned my lesson and now I can play safely outside without my Dad or Mom worrying that I will go past the fence. Just remember, it won’t keep other things from coming on to your property. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Good Luck pal!!!

  2. Well, you’re learning one of the lessons of growing up. Maybe, instead of a spanking, there won’t be any treats for a week.

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