In-Your-Face Begging

It is hard not to be content with your own food when you know your humans are getting better stuff. Sometimes it is not really better – I get roast beef and they get hotdogs – but it is different from what I am having so it feels like it’s better.

I have gotten tall enough that I could swipe things from the kitchen table, even if they move it all the way back. I have, on occasion, tasted the food that my mommy leaves unattended on her plate. My mommy lets me lick her plate clean when she is done eating, by just moving her plate on my side of the table.

Lately this has not been good enough for me. Now I put my face right by my mommy’s face when she is eating. She then has to go to my dish, give me a share of her food, and go back to eating. This strategy does not work with my dad. Either I get yelled at, or he would make me do tricks then give me food.

I wish they would just give me a place at the table, give me my own plate so I could just eat with them there. Maybe someday.

Life Lesson: The things that make you happy today may leave you discontent tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “In-Your-Face Begging

  1. Maybe, if you say a few words in English or Italian or Phillipino that might work, especially if you have a cockney accent. Try sitting and begging, waving your feet (er,paws),or do something different that you haven’t done before, that Mom and Dad haven’t seen before.
    Be creative! You can’t by on your good looks all the time.

  2. Nothing works for me anymore. I just get banished to the living room. They do, however, save me a piece of their food which I get after they are done. Mostly everyone does this, so, times that by 5 people and it is a pretty good share of food. I guess it’s worth the wait. If I cry and bark, I get nothing. Pooh!!!

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