Dear Ryder

Dear Ryder,

Thank you very much for your stories. It makes me feel like I have a soul-mate, that I am not the only one who has to endure the tribulations of being with humans.

I do not even remember my life in a crate. If not for pictures, I would say that I have never been in a crate. But I have, but only for two weeks max. My mom says because I toilet trained really early. And because my dad cannot sleep with me in a crate downstairs. In the beginning, he brought a mattress downstairs so he could sleep with me. He made sure that his finger is touching my paw. My mom was initially against me EVER going upstairs. But she saw how much my daddy pined for me, and how he loved telling stories of sleeping with his old dogs, so she relented and even encouraged my dad to let me sleep in the bed.

So now our house is my crate. The only place I am not allowed is the couch. I have my toys all over the place. There is a moratorium on toy buying for me though. My parents are broke, so all the toys I have now are old, battered and torn.

I hope I could get to play with you someday. So you can share your new ball with me:-)

Hoping to meet you someday,


2 thoughts on “Dear Ryder

  1. You must take up a big portion of the bed. Is there enough room for all of you? Your Daddy seems like a great guy. I can tell that he loves you a lot. I’m sure your mommy does too. I am happy to write to you and am glad you feel the same. I hope to meet you soon also.

  2. We’ll have to take you to some garage sales and flea markets to get some new (old) toys.
    Maybe you could get something for your Dad for Father’s Day.

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