Now MY Porch is Shrinking?

 It wasn’t that long ago that I could comfortable relax on my front porch. I used to have plenty of room to run around on it and play without ever leaving the saftey of the railing.

Maybe because of all of the rain we have been getting lately or maybe some sort of cosmic confluence of events such as Venus’s transit of the Sun, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, full moons, comets, …I don’t know. All I know is there is a lot less room on the front porch.A LOT less!

Maybe the builder didn’t use the correct materials? Maybe someone is stealing some boards and moving the railing in?( some practicle joke that would be…….April Fools, I shrunk your porch!…indeed!)  It is not funny. hmmmm, wait ’till I find the culprit!

Life Lesson: Don’t let your youth or your porch slip away.

2 thoughts on “Now MY Porch is Shrinking?

  1. My porch has also shrunk, along with my deck, my crate and my people. No more crate, just a bin to hold my growing toy collection now. Got a new ball yesterday. Keep replacing the balls because I put many holes in them until they no longer squeak. I like a good squeak.

  2. Did you know that boards shrink over time? Or, have you thought about dieting? Just kidding. You don’t want to stray too far from the porch because it’s a dangerous world out there.

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