Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Yesterday when my Mommy came home for lunch she took me for a ride. There was nothing for her to eat in the house so we went to get Chinese food together. She did not put the leash on me as she had not planned on me getting out of the car while we were out. When we got home, I refused to go in. I hate being in the house by myself. And I thought, if she could bring me to one place, maybe she could bring me to the other places she goes. So she tried to pull me out of the car. I did not budge. In fact, I retreated all the way to the back so she will not be able to reach me.

She left me inside the car with the door open for more than an hour. Then I got impatient and went inside to her. Then she turned around and left me again. I think she felt guilty because she took me to work today.

I inspected the rooms, made sure there was no threat to her or anybody else.

This video doesn’t exist

And I played tug with my new friend Brandon. (Of course my mom took the picture when I was already tired.)

I wish I could go to work everyday.

Life Lesson: Sometimes it helps to let people know how you feel.


3 thoughts on “Bring Your Dog To Work Day

  1. Geeeez, my Dad works on the New York Subways. If he took me to work, no one would want to come into the train. I’m telling you man, they are afraid of me. I wonder, Do I really look that mean?

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