Daddy’s Home

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I have always loved chewing on my daddys’ arm. I think it is something he taught me when I was young. He would let me chew on it when he wanted to play. No one else let me chew on their arms and I wasn’t allowed to either. Even to this day I only chew on my daddys’ arm. Now I don’t even want to chew on any one else’s arms. I think he suffered a lot of small little needle sharp puppy teeth bites in the name of playing with me.

Back then I would crawl all over him to play, he was like a mountain to climb or a large prey to bring down. He could pick me up and push me around or make me stop whenever he wanted. It was like I was his toy. I really love playing with my dad. He knew just the right games and he taught me so much more than ‘playing”, I think he helped teach me to be a dog. I think he is part dog.

When he goes away to work or out wherever I miss him. I really miss him when he is gone long or when he is gone when normally he should be home, like when he has to work late. However unlike when I was little now when he comes home I can make him play.  Now he has to stay when I want him to, now I can sit on him untill I am sure he won’t leave again, now he is my toy!

I am so happy when he gets home and my pack is all together. I love to lick his face and I still love to bite his arms. I am very carefull because now I can easily fit his whole forearm in my mouth. I can crush it but never would. He’s my dad, he is tough, and I am gentle. I still love holding his arm in my mouth it is our bond and it is how we play.


This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Never stop playing

4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Home

  1. Love the videos. Cool how Dad still plays like that with you. My Dad plays too,but, I get a little too excited sometimes and end up injuring him a little. Sorry Dad!

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