All Wet – Outside!

The hand that pets could also be a hand that hurts.

My mom had been nagging my dad to give me a bath – or else she would take me to the Groomers(!) from whence ear infections come.

This video doesn’t exist

As you can tell, my mom and my dad ganged up on me. And my mom was more concerned about her floors than my hurt feelings. And it did not stop there.

My dad tried to make me feel better about it by taking off my prong collar, but he hosed me down again.

This video doesn’t exist

Then he tried to make me feel better by drying me off. And I’m like, if you didn’t get me wet in the first place, we do not have to do this! Why do puppies have to follow human standards of clean??!

Life Lesson: Needful things are sometimes unpleasant. But they are still needful.


4 thoughts on “All Wet – Outside!

  1. AAAAh yes, the dreaded bath. I too am a victim of this barbaric practice. My Mom has figured out that since I like my swimmy pool she would use it against me. She fills it with water, lets me play in it a while and then, bam, out comes that lousy doggie shampoo and then I know. I try to run away but, the boys keep me there and there’s no escaping. I think your Dad was also hosing down someones shoes on the porch, ha-ha. That’s what he gets for forcing you into this bath thing.

    • i think they plan to get a kiddie pool for me too. it is going to be hard for them to hold me down now though. i am going to put up a better fight next time. i am lucky that they have not come up with a shampoo for me. The shoes are my dad’s:-)

      • Well, I played all day today in my swimmy pool and no bath. Thank goodness. I just got to have fun and splash around. The pool isn’t bad pal, you just have to watch out for that look on their faces, you know? The one that means it’s bath time………..

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