Imelda Has Lost More of Her Sole

 AS you can see, I like my mommy’s

shoes.  There is just something irresistable about them. They smell good, they taste good, they have just the right texture. Yummmm. …oh and they don’t put up too much of a fight.

I used to just eat slippers, but now I am branching out to sneakers! I am looking forward to a whole new tatse sensation. I mean  eating the same thing all of the time might get boring, no?

 this was my ‘take” for the day. A pretty good day if you were fishing. Two sheepskin slippers, a couple of sneakers I believe an Ecco, and a Reebok also a diet coke box and some other assorted floatsam and jetsam.

My dad thinks I just make a mess, I don’t want to get exiled to Antartica so I give him my “playing Dumb” face………

Life Lesson: Have Fun……… for it later


2 thoughts on “Imelda Has Lost More of Her Sole

  1. Wow, good job. The slippers are out of reach now for me, as well as the shoes. The shoes are hidden in the bathroom. Just waiting for someone to forget to close that bathroom door and then, watch out. The best I could do today was steal a washcloth right out of Mommies hand. She kind of didn’t care and just walked away, not so much fun.

    • Because of my latest shoe chewing binge i am not allowed to have shoes or slippers either. they are all in the closet now. so like you, i am waiting until they get complacent again and leave things out:-)

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