My Mom’s Birthday Cake

This is my very happy face.

My aunt brought my mom her most favorite cake of all – brazo de mercedes – all the way from Red Ribbon Bakeshop in Queens, NY for her birthday. My mom gave everybody a little piece and saved a third of it for herself for later.

She was having her second to the last piece when her phone rang. She left the cake at the table to get it. My dad is MIA. The cake smelled so good, I could not possibly resist. I went up to the plate and tasted it. It was so good. I wished I could have the whole cake to herself, but if I took too much I might get in trouble.

When my mom came back she started laughing. I do not know what gave me away. Maybe she noticed that half the cake was missing and it had shredded carrots in it (she gave me her leftover pancit before I had the cake). Or maybe it was because I had soft white meringue on my snout. Then my dad came home. My mommy told him the story and he started laughing too. They decided that I could have the rest of the cake.

My parents are cool!

Life Lesson: Sometimes, if you hang on long enough, you get really lucky!

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