Dear Grammy

On the May 11th blog “Punished” ( Grammy commented:

This is really nice! Is it a complement or a criticism? Whatever it is, I thank you for the dedication! That’s very sweet of you! You hit me bulls eye! I love you!

I’m sorry to burst your bubble Grammy, but it is neither. And the arrow was not meant for you either. It is simply a story of a smart son who learned all the commands/rules in two seconds, but is now taking baby steps on learning how to break them, and a mommy who couldn’t believe it (that said son would even dare!). My mommy thought that maybe you could empathize.

I could understand how you could not relate. For starters, your Meatball will not stumble upon an opportunity to escape and be free. When your Meatball wanted to leave, he would create an opportunity to leave. He would break something inside the house to distract you, then make a run for it. He would have been long gone before you would even know he is missing, and by then it would have been too late for pursuit. Your Meatball was also not tentative. He would not look back. He knew what he wanted and he was going to go and get it. Then he would make sure to wreak all sorts of trouble – he knew he was he was going to get maximum punishment anyway, so might as well make the most of it. In the end, when he is tired and hungry, he would come home, pretend he is sorry so as not to hurt your feelings anymore, then take his punishment with a smile.

I could also see why you didn’t think my mommy was the mommy in the story. If my mommy were just Herself, and she knew I wanted to go somewhere, she would probably ask me how much I am willing to pay, multiply it by a thousand (freedom should never be free lest you take it for granted), set up a payment plan, then give me tips on how not to get caught.

But she is not just Herself. She is also my Mommy – and that means she has a responsibility to keep me safe. She is also my Daddy’s Wife, our neighbor’s Neighbor, a Citizen of the town, all of which keeps her from just letting me go.

And that Grammy, was what the story was about. It’s “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my Mother after all”. My mommy wants you to make fun of her now that she is you.

And to let you know that she appreciates your being her Mommy, and the cocoon that you made for her to keep her both nourished and safe. And she is sorry (for real this time) if she hurt you in the process of breaking her cocoon. But it was also something she had to do. It was stay a caterpillar or be a butterfly. And she chose butterfly. And now that it is her job to be a cocoon, she is secretly rooting for me to be another butterfly.

Life Lesson: Strong cocoons make strong butterflies. (And that Grammy is the compliment that you have so expertly fished for:-)

This video doesn’t exist

For , Cocooners of Five Beautiful Butterflies, 45 Years Strong… Happy Anniversary!

4 thoughts on “Dear Grammy

  1. This is really fun! It is starting to sink into with Grammy that Meatball is talking about his Mom and not his Mom talking about her Mom! It is wonderful to find ourselves in the valley of love and delight, in the abundance of God’s grace and simple gifts from above! Grammy could see that Meatball is blest to have a Mom who is so articulate to have avoided words that may hurt and as such has a wonderful way to love! God bless you Babies! Grammy loves you very much!

    • dear Grammy,
      i do not think my mommy avoids words that hurt, in fact, i think she thinks its a special talent, being able to wallow in words that hurt, but yes, i think she tries to make them sound better… love you too Grammy!

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