I Think I Have A Pen Pal Maybe Even More Than One…YAY!!!!!

Thats’ me standing on my dad. I think he is losing weight and shrinking. Doesn’t he look smaller than before?
…….Anyway, another dog writer has been sending me messages commenting on my blog and blogging also. His name is Ryder. Now isn’t that so cool! First of all he has a cool name. It is cool, tough, daring and a whole host of other things that Meatball just doesn’t denote. We could be part of a movement. We could be the beginning of a revolution. Equal rights for dogs! Dog marriage, (after all where would you ever find a more faithfull partner?) A dog for president! ( who would be more honest). Dogs running the Pentagon, ( who knows how to fight and when to run better?). And best of all “Playdog” magazine! (this being a family blog I won’t go into what we can do – other than to say…”we can reach areas by ourselves”….oooh never mind)                  ok, where was I?

So I am glad to have a “correspondent” to correspond with and hoping for that play date someday when we can find neutral turf to run around in, Maybe Memorial Park or a Long Dock Park trail walk? Before my daddy shrinks  to much, like inthat movie,  “Honey I Shrunk the Daddy”

Life Lesson: Write real letters to your friends and loved ones, They can be savoured,  saved, and treasured in ways e-mails cannot.

3 thoughts on “I Think I Have A Pen Pal Maybe Even More Than One…YAY!!!!!

  1. Hey Meatball, this is Ryder again. So glad you are happy with a penpal. I really like seeing all of your pictures and hearing about your adventures. Believe me, I have chewed up many slippers also. Mommy gets kind of mad because Daddy encourages me to chew on his slippers when they are on his feet. He laughs and sometimes yells ouch. Mommy doesn’t think it is so funny because she is trying to get me to stop doing these things. I’m a little confused about it. Well I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. What did you do? We had a house full of people and 2 small children that I got to run around the yard with. I had lots of fun doing that, and I was really tired the next day and slept a lot. Talk to you soon buddy……………..

    • lucky you! i only had 2 extra little humans and 2 extra big humans to play with over the weekend. i worked with my mommy today though:-) i hope we can get to play soon!

    • HI Ryder,
      I got to play with kids too! ….also ended up getting tired out, bu tit was worth it. Best of all was that mom and dad were home most of Monday and we were able to spend time together.

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