My Mom Lost Half Her Sole.

When my mommy came home from work today, she got really, really mad. Above are slippers that my daddy gave my mommy for Christmas two years ago. They are my mommy’s most favorite slippers. They are very soft and very warm, and very durable too – or at least, they are her most durable slippers.

Before I moved in, my mom had ten pairs of slippers in a basket by the front door for guests, just the cheap $1 kind, and she had these slippers. It probably took me a week to finish all of the ten slippers. My mommy was so proud of her sheepskin slippers because my first Christmas, I did not even make a dent on them. But I think that was because I had baby teeth then.

I have my big boy teeth now. I probably started to make progress on them at the tail end of winter (about 3 months ago). It was then that I was forbidden to chew on her slippers. My mom would leave her slippers on the table when she had to leave for work. On the times that she would catch me chewing on them when she accidentally leaves them on the floor, she would spank my snout.

Lately I have largely left her slippers alone and she has become complacent. She would just leave her slippers on the floor and not put it away like she should. She thought I had learned my lesson on not chewing Mommy’s slippers. I probably did. But today I was bored, and it was just too tempting.

I wanted to tell her that I actually had been very considerate. Instead of chewing all of one slipper, I only ate a third of each. That way she could still use them still. Yes, her heels would get cold, but her toes would still be warm.

Life Lesson: Look at the bright side.

1 thought on “My Mom Lost Half Her Sole.

  1. Hey big guy, you’re growing up now and you have to be more respectful of other people’s property. Would you like it if someone took away your toys or finished your food before you had a chance to get at it? This “baby” thing is over and time to learn your manners.

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