Dealing With Differences

It has been hectic and tense around the house lately.

My dad is mad at my mom because he works 14 hour days, 7 days a week and he doesn’t think my mom is doing enough work, or even taking the workload seriously. My mom is mad at my dad for being mad at her when she doesn’t think it is her fault that he has to work so hard.

If you gave my dad a job that takes 10 hours, he would make a list of all the steps and pre-steps of what the job entails, all the material that he needs, and all the possible things that could go wrong. He makes sure that everything is perfect before he could go do the next step. He does not like help because the “help” usually does not do a thing exactly as he wants it done in his mind. It would probably take him 14 hours.

If you gave my mom the same job, she would put on her best “poor me” face, and use her best “i’m so helpless” voice, and ask 9 people to help her, so it would only take an hour to get the job done. (She would ask 599 people to help her so it could get done in a minute, but she knows there isn’t enough room for all that people.) Or better yet, she would ask 10 people to help her, so she could go about the hour just pretending to work, telling jokes and stories, and she would have a captive audience. The finished product might look nothing like what she was tasked to do, but she would just call it Art, and “thinking outside the box”.

And it all came to a head today, when we had my mom’s new office’s soft opening day. It was not the total disaster that my dad was expecting, but it was not the “it’s-the-first-day-nobody-is-gonna-come” day either.

When all is said and done, we all had fun laughing about it.

Life Lesson: Even when we are the same, we are still different – give allowances to people around you.

1 thought on “Dealing With Differences

  1. As you probably have found out already, Meatball, sometimes you have to lighten up a little.
    Too much worry causes sickness.

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