Eh, What’s Up Doc?

I’ll tell you what’s up! I was going for my early morning walk. This is where I make sure I wake my dad up about an hour or so before the alarm so I can go out and enjoy the early morning air.

I go to his side of the bed and I breathe heavilly in his face. If that doesn’t work I cry just enough to wake him up bu tnot my mom…..He always gets up.

It was a rather nice morning this morning .The air was fresh and the rain had stopped or there abouts, but the grass was soaked. I pee’d and then walked and smelled around finally deciding to poop just when I felt my dad losing patience and about to pull me back inside. Then I did my usual lie down on the lawn and chew a stick routine. My dad quickly decided to undue my leash and walk to towards the back of the house. He knows I will follow and try to play tug with the leash. Just when I was about to grab it, he threw it towards the backyard, (predictable). BUT as I started to run to get it a rabbit RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, that neither of us had seen, took off running like a bat outa’ hell. So my instincts kicked in and I persued, boy did I persue……run rabbit run……………..

Um, I persued as far as the edge of the woods….then my other instincts kicked in… that I was tired, he was too damned fast, and I have seen enough Bugs Bunny to know that this wouldn’t end well for me. Unlike Daffy Duck, Elmer J. Fudd, Wylie Coyote, and countelss others I listened to my Buggs bunny instinct.

Then I was tired and went inside with my dad without a fight. He made it up to me later that day by playing with me when te grass was dry.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: You should follow your instincts, but you don’t have to follow them all the way all the time, THINK too.

4 thoughts on “Eh, What’s Up Doc?

  1. Haven’t seen any rabbits myself, but, there are many cats around here and they seem to know what my boundaries are. I’m talking about the invisible fence. They will stroll by just beyond my reach and boy just wait until the power goes out, then I’ll get even!!!

    • Good luck to you my friend. My parents are thinking of getting an invisible fence for me too, but I’m lucky they have not gotten to really getting one.

      • I took a hit maybe 3 or 4 times. I haven’t been shocked in about 6 months. Learned my lesson when that little creepy chihuahua starting barking at me and I went for him. Boy, I jumped up in the air and ran back to the porch. Whatever, let him bark. I know I can kick his butt. Well Meatball, gotta go out with Mom now. Hope you have a great day!!!

  2. Next time, try sneaking up on him, just the Navy Seals do, then you can pounce.
    If he’s Welsh, think “Welsh Rabbit”.

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