Big Boobs!

 My dad and I are always playing and play fighting. My mom just looks on and shakes her head. I think she feels we are just a bunch of stupid boobs.

 NO, Not that kind of Boob. The kind that they used to call the TV way back when TV was clean, but still stupid and they called it the “boob tube”. I think because sitting there watching it just also made you stupid. They didn’t have the educational channels they do today …like the Kardashians.

Anyway, we, (my dad and I) wrestle and fight all the time. It is like WrestleMania, or the WWE, WWF, WYMCA and all those other educational TV shows. I bite him, he bites me back. It is all good fun untill someone loses and eye, …or an arm, or a finger or nose or something.

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

I think you can tell from the videos that the bigger boob is my dad.

Life Lesson: Have fun, even stupid fun but know the boundries, as long as no one bleeds….too much, it’s usually ok.




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