Bad To The Bone!

This video doesn’t exist

This is me getting my Big Bone. At first I was a bit apprehensive. Was I dog enough to handle such a big bone? Is it too big for me? What did it come from? A Cow? A Moose? A dinosaur?  Can I get my mouth around it?

Then after a few minutes with it, I realized that, yeah, I can whittle this thing down to size. I can chew this thing UP! For I am “Bad to the Bone” ba-bababa-bad….bababba baaaad to the bone! Maybe I am one of the destroyers? (well I am certainly not Goerge Thourouhgood). But I can be a destroyer. I htink it is in my blood, I think it is most dogs calling.

I have my share of small bones, you  know ones that come from small stuff, like oxen.

But even when I am bad, I am actually good. My badness, my barking, my growling is all an act. I just want to play……OK, now don’t get me started on a “dogs just want to have fun” post. I want to maintain my big bad doggy image.

Liufe Lesson: Being bad is only good if it is a good bad.


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