I know I am supposed to be a big doggy now. I know I should be stronger too. But I still cry every time I get left behind.

I don’t know how, but I could sense when they are getting ready to leave me. I would then go to the door leading to the garage. Before they would throw treats on the floor and leave when I go get them. That doesn’t work anymore. I ignore bacon treats because I know that that means they are going to make their escape.

They left me again tonight. And they cheated. My dad left through the front door. And when I ran after him, my mom left from the garage door. I cried so hard! They not only left me, they tricked me too!

But when they return I will be so happy I will forget all my hurts. It is like I forgive automatically, like instinct. This is just the way that I am. Boy am I lucky!

Life Lesson: Do not dwell on your hurts – it will take time and energy away from being happy.

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