Things Go Better with Coke

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Somtimes you can have a lot of fun with very simple things. Things such as a 2 litre Coke bottle. “It’s the Real Thing”. It’s “the way it should be”.

My mom drinks a lot of Coca Cola actually Diet Coke. I get to play with the bottle. So we all have a coke and a smile.

 It is like their new ads with the polar bears, except they are white and they actually drink the stuff. Me, I just want the bottle. it’s all crinkely sounding and chewy.

 I wish I could do advertising for Coke. Or maybe a good ad campaign would be for recycling their bottles. I could be the shredder.

This video doesn’t exist


Life Lesson: Humans need to learn the joy of the simple pleasures. Thye are easy to obtain and available to everyone everywhere…. So if you are feeling down go ahead do something that is easy, simple and fun for yourself like chewing on a bottle, it’s more fun than you realize and if it makes you smile isn’t that the greatest gift?

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