Waiting for Daddy

If there is one thing my mom is deathly allergic to, it is hard labor. Just thinking about it weakens her and makes her sick. It is her kryptonite. Only one thing would make her even consider doing hard labor, and that is getting charged a ridiculous amount for it.

My dad is working hard to get my mom’s new office ready. The floors need to be cleaned and the contractor suggested an “expert” who would do it for only $750. To clean brand new floors. And no, it does not include studding the floor with diamonds, nor putting in platinum moldings. Just regular cleaning and waxing. That is not going to take a month to do.

For $750, my mom is willing to do it herself, even if it kills her. She is lucky though, because my dad doesn’t trust her to do a good enough job. So he offered to do it for her. My mom, being Filipino, pretend insisted that she should help. But in truth, she was secretly happy that my dad said no, and just told her to take care of me.

So we went to the Long Dock Park, socialized with some ducklings, and met a bulldog named Thomas Meatball.

It’s already late and my dad is still on the second coat of wax. He plans to put six coats, but already it looks very good.

And now we wait, so we could show him some love.

Life Lesson: There is pleasure in being able to do a lot of things yourself.


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