Secrets: Falling Off The Ledge

This video doesn’t exist

I am still watching my puppy videos. When I saw this one, I remembered what happened after…

My parent’s parenting styles are very different. My dad is very nurturing, meticulous, and careful. I feel safe with him always.  My mom’s philosophy is more in the line of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. So that day, under her watch, I almost died (or at least got seriously hurt).

I was just a little bit over eight weeks old and I was just getting used to the house. Rails border our front deck except for near the doors. I was adventuring and walking along the ledge. My mom was shooting the video. She did not even hold my leash. This video was taken from the right hand side of the deck.

I also walked on the ledge on the left hand side. The drop from the ledge gets steeper the farther you go on the left hand side. At the very edge, it is probably a three foot drop. You might think this is nothing. But then I was barely a foot long and less than 20 pounds. I was a baby puppy.

My mom was still taking videos. Then, when I was almost at the very edge, I fell. I screamed and cried. I was able to hold on by my front paws, but I was so scared. My mom who is usually very calm and very hard to scare, also got scared. She dropped the camera and ran to get me. I probably took her less that 5 seconds to get me, but for both of us, it seemed like a very long time.

It probably took her 6 months to finally fess up to my dad about what happened. She got rid of the evidence. There were no witnesses. And I have very strong front paws.

Life Lesson: Ignorance is Bliss?

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