Imelda Has Lost More of Her Sole

 AS you can see, I like my mommy’s

shoes.  There is just something irresistable about them. They smell good, they taste good, they have just the right texture. Yummmm. …oh and they don’t put up too much of a fight.

I used to just eat slippers, but now I am branching out to sneakers! I am looking forward to a whole new tatse sensation. I mean  eating the same thing all of the time might get boring, no?

 this was my ‘take” for the day. A pretty good day if you were fishing. Two sheepskin slippers, a couple of sneakers I believe an Ecco, and a Reebok also a diet coke box and some other assorted floatsam and jetsam.

My dad thinks I just make a mess, I don’t want to get exiled to Antartica so I give him my “playing Dumb” face………

Life Lesson: Have Fun……… for it later


My Mom’s Birthday Cake

This is my very happy face.

My aunt brought my mom her most favorite cake of all – brazo de mercedes – all the way from Red Ribbon Bakeshop in Queens, NY for her birthday. My mom gave everybody a little piece and saved a third of it for herself for later.

She was having her second to the last piece when her phone rang. She left the cake at the table to get it. My dad is MIA. The cake smelled so good, I could not possibly resist. I went up to the plate and tasted it. It was so good. I wished I could have the whole cake to herself, but if I took too much I might get in trouble.

When my mom came back she started laughing. I do not know what gave me away. Maybe she noticed that half the cake was missing and it had shredded carrots in it (she gave me her leftover pancit before I had the cake). Or maybe it was because I had soft white meringue on my snout. Then my dad came home. My mommy told him the story and he started laughing too. They decided that I could have the rest of the cake.

My parents are cool!

Life Lesson: Sometimes, if you hang on long enough, you get really lucky!

Dear Grammy

On the May 11th blog “Punished” ( Grammy commented:

This is really nice! Is it a complement or a criticism? Whatever it is, I thank you for the dedication! That’s very sweet of you! You hit me bulls eye! I love you!

I’m sorry to burst your bubble Grammy, but it is neither. And the arrow was not meant for you either. It is simply a story of a smart son who learned all the commands/rules in two seconds, but is now taking baby steps on learning how to break them, and a mommy who couldn’t believe it (that said son would even dare!). My mommy thought that maybe you could empathize.

I could understand how you could not relate. For starters, your Meatball will not stumble upon an opportunity to escape and be free. When your Meatball wanted to leave, he would create an opportunity to leave. He would break something inside the house to distract you, then make a run for it. He would have been long gone before you would even know he is missing, and by then it would have been too late for pursuit. Your Meatball was also not tentative. He would not look back. He knew what he wanted and he was going to go and get it. Then he would make sure to wreak all sorts of trouble – he knew he was he was going to get maximum punishment anyway, so might as well make the most of it. In the end, when he is tired and hungry, he would come home, pretend he is sorry so as not to hurt your feelings anymore, then take his punishment with a smile.

I could also see why you didn’t think my mommy was the mommy in the story. If my mommy were just Herself, and she knew I wanted to go somewhere, she would probably ask me how much I am willing to pay, multiply it by a thousand (freedom should never be free lest you take it for granted), set up a payment plan, then give me tips on how not to get caught.

But she is not just Herself. She is also my Mommy – and that means she has a responsibility to keep me safe. She is also my Daddy’s Wife, our neighbor’s Neighbor, a Citizen of the town, all of which keeps her from just letting me go.

And that Grammy, was what the story was about. It’s “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my Mother after all”. My mommy wants you to make fun of her now that she is you.

And to let you know that she appreciates your being her Mommy, and the cocoon that you made for her to keep her both nourished and safe. And she is sorry (for real this time) if she hurt you in the process of breaking her cocoon. But it was also something she had to do. It was stay a caterpillar or be a butterfly. And she chose butterfly. And now that it is her job to be a cocoon, she is secretly rooting for me to be another butterfly.

Life Lesson: Strong cocoons make strong butterflies. (And that Grammy is the compliment that you have so expertly fished for:-)

This video doesn’t exist

For , Cocooners of Five Beautiful Butterflies, 45 Years Strong… Happy Anniversary!

I Think I Have A Pen Pal Maybe Even More Than One…YAY!!!!!

Thats’ me standing on my dad. I think he is losing weight and shrinking. Doesn’t he look smaller than before?
…….Anyway, another dog writer has been sending me messages commenting on my blog and blogging also. His name is Ryder. Now isn’t that so cool! First of all he has a cool name. It is cool, tough, daring and a whole host of other things that Meatball just doesn’t denote. We could be part of a movement. We could be the beginning of a revolution. Equal rights for dogs! Dog marriage, (after all where would you ever find a more faithfull partner?) A dog for president! ( who would be more honest). Dogs running the Pentagon, ( who knows how to fight and when to run better?). And best of all “Playdog” magazine! (this being a family blog I won’t go into what we can do – other than to say…”we can reach areas by ourselves”….oooh never mind)                  ok, where was I?

So I am glad to have a “correspondent” to correspond with and hoping for that play date someday when we can find neutral turf to run around in, Maybe Memorial Park or a Long Dock Park trail walk? Before my daddy shrinks  to much, like inthat movie,  “Honey I Shrunk the Daddy”

Life Lesson: Write real letters to your friends and loved ones, They can be savoured,  saved, and treasured in ways e-mails cannot.

My Mom Lost Half Her Sole.

When my mommy came home from work today, she got really, really mad. Above are slippers that my daddy gave my mommy for Christmas two years ago. They are my mommy’s most favorite slippers. They are very soft and very warm, and very durable too – or at least, they are her most durable slippers.

Before I moved in, my mom had ten pairs of slippers in a basket by the front door for guests, just the cheap $1 kind, and she had these slippers. It probably took me a week to finish all of the ten slippers. My mommy was so proud of her sheepskin slippers because my first Christmas, I did not even make a dent on them. But I think that was because I had baby teeth then.

I have my big boy teeth now. I probably started to make progress on them at the tail end of winter (about 3 months ago). It was then that I was forbidden to chew on her slippers. My mom would leave her slippers on the table when she had to leave for work. On the times that she would catch me chewing on them when she accidentally leaves them on the floor, she would spank my snout.

Lately I have largely left her slippers alone and she has become complacent. She would just leave her slippers on the floor and not put it away like she should. She thought I had learned my lesson on not chewing Mommy’s slippers. I probably did. But today I was bored, and it was just too tempting.

I wanted to tell her that I actually had been very considerate. Instead of chewing all of one slipper, I only ate a third of each. That way she could still use them still. Yes, her heels would get cold, but her toes would still be warm.

Life Lesson: Look at the bright side.

My Dad Lost His Head……….But Not His Heart

 As you can see in my photographic evidence. My dads head is a wee bit smaller than mine. He says he has a big head, but this is proof that it isn’t that big afterall.

We played and played tonight  and he let me win at our new game, biting his arms. Sometime he bites me back, but not hard. I go easy on him and don’t bite him hard either.

This video doesn’t exist


After fighting and biting he took me for a walk outside where I pee’d and then proceeded to lie down on the lawn for 20 minutes just to watch the neighborhood,  enjoy the cool grass, night air, and the stars. He patiently waited for me to relax for awhile before he took me back in.

Also aside from this blog and as a public service and serious note: It seems that more dogs are getting sick from eating treats made in China, (according to yahoo). I think they are mostly the jerky style treats. My mom and dad used to get those for me, even one of the brands that was in the article, but they stopped. Why take the chance?


Life Lesson: Play, Play hard and then take some time to relax and accept the universe around you.

Additional LifeLlesson: beware of what you eat


I had been hard at work doing public relations for my mom, making friends with kids around town and in the office. And what do I get in return? They forgot to give me my breakfast today. I had been very good with eating my food, so it is not like they are still teaching me a lesson. My last meal was dinner last night at 8pm. I ate at 4pm today when my daddy came home from work. TWENTY HOURS WITHOUT FOOD!  I am tempted to think they do not love me anymore, but I think they are just crazy busy. Emphasis on the CRAZY.  Oh well.

Life Lesson: Sometimes Life feels like it is a series of unfortunate events. But if you live through it, you are probably going to be fine.

My Dad is still Steaming, Crazy, Livid! because WordPress has turned really crappy

 Word Press is the blog hosting company I use. Well apparently they made some changes. They have become more invasive, less reliable, very spotty and iffy. You never know if you are going to type out a blog, add pictures and then hit “publish” only to have the whole thing lost, wiped out, total waste of time. And let me tell you, it aint easy to type with these big ‘ole paws of mine, so it is VERY frustrating.

My dad being the hot, crazy, over passionate, and easilly frustrated guy that he is, is all of a sudden talking of revolution, striking back at the “Man”, taking it to the streets and getting a grass roots revolt against the evil Orwellian crazy Liberal ‘1984 privacy invasion and lack of quality corporate crap they’re trying to shove down our throats. !!!!!!!!!!! He really got “tweaked” when he emailed wordpress and they responded with a “uh, duh, what? duh.” like some oblivious dope with his head up his …um, better leave it at that.

Me…I’m like “ugh, sigh, it’s crappy but just deal with it” kinda’ dog.

You see my dad has never been a dog. Us dogs know that you aren’t in controll of your own destiny, even if you do everything right. We just take it as  it comes. …which usually is crappy. If he had to stay in the house all day waiting for ME to come home just to go pee, poop, or to play and had to do that everyday, THEN, he’d understand. THEN, he would know why I get so maniacally happy and jump around and pounce on him when he does come home.

Life Lesson: You have to realize that there are somethings you just have to accept.  (but you can always find a way to “stick it to the man”)

Rawhide and Ice Cream

I accidentally swallowed rawhide yesterday, and I haven’t been feeling too good. So tonight, when my mom and my dad got ice cream, they got one for me too. A single scoop with wafer cone all for me. It almost makes it worth it to be a little sick.

Life Lesson: Medicine is not the only way to treat an ailment.