Daddys Home….and I am not letting go of him!

 My dad and mom decided to go out and have Vietnamese food without me! 1st off I don’t like to be left alone. 2nd I don’t know why I can’t go out for dinner with them once in awhile. 3rd, night time with them is MY time with them …not someone elses. Their job at night is to feed me, play with me, and just hang out with me. I didn’t ask to live here with them! I have needs too ya’know!

Animal Rights! …Doggy Rights!

So anyway when they got home I made it abundantly clear that My dad needs to sit and lie down and stay here! …also I love knocking him down and sitting on him. He is a good sport and plays with me while I have him pinned. Maybe someday I can join one of those WrestleMania shows and make it big? What are they? WWE?, WWF?, WABC?, WBA?  something like that. What would be my wrestler stage name?    Any suggestions? Hmmmmmmm….?

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