Meet My Little Friend

Hi, Sometimes you have to look far and wide for friends. Not just any friends but Good Friends. Some friends will be with you just when things are going well and everything is fun. But real friends will stick with you through thick and thin. they will support you and stay your friend when things are going bad for you, because they know that when things go bad for them that you will be there,  (or were there already), for them. There are some “fair weather” friends but the best are “rainy day” friends.

I look and I try to meet others, but some get pulled away, sometimes I get snarls, and some just run away. Sigh. “Is it Me?” “Is there something wrong with me?” Sometimes I feel like Ginormica from the movie Monsters vs. Aliens.

I have made some very good friends and hopefully when the Beacon Dog Park opens I will be able to make more. I want friends to play with.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: It is not the qauntity of friend, It is the QUALITY of friends that counts.

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