My Crazy English Cousin

They say a lot of England’s royalty was inbred along with the rest of European royalty leaving them to become all stupid and insane. Well, I don’t know who “they” are, but I doubt it is true.
I mean look at the current crop. They look brilliant.  Prince William married that beautiful Kate Middleton lady…smart! He is also a helicopter pilot and you know you have to be on the ball for that, they don’t stay up by themselves. Harry is also in the military. He is a tank commander. I want to drive one of those beasts! Anyone who gets to drive tanks has to be both smart and cool. The closest thing to a tank I ever drove was my old 1972 Volvo 142S.

So, I am thinking that the myth that royalty is stupid and insane is totally busted, (I didn’t need Myth Busters for that).

Now since Meatball is an English Mastiff I believe he is also smart and NOT insane. When we were at Kent Falls in Conneticut he met a distant cousin of his an English Bulldog and the following video is more evidence that…….well you be the judge……….

This video doesn’t exist


Life Lesson: In England you are not insane, you are Eccentric!

3 thoughts on “My Crazy English Cousin

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  1. You should have given him “a stiff upper lip”, EH!
    Or maybe you should have sat on him and said, “I’d like a spot of tea, please.”

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