Eating At The Table

Sometimes a solution is right under our nose, but we are too afraid to take a chance.

My dish holder is getting smaller and smaller everyday. I have to bend lower and lower just to get to my food. And I still feel like being tortured anytime my mom and dad eat at the table. They always have the best food. If I had not been a master beggar, I would end up with nothing.

My mom had just finished eating Jamaican oxtail, one of my all-time favorites. She set some meat for me to mix with my food later. My dad was busy heating up his seafood pot pie. They were talking shop and not paying attention to me. I had my nose right by the plate and still nobody sees me. That’s when I did the unthinkable. I took the extra inch and licked on the plate. I was half-expecting to be yelled at, but nothing. I was probably on my third lick when my mom started taking pictures. I did not get punished at all.

Why had I not thought of this sooner???!

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson:  Most of the time the things that we fear have no substance.

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