Happy Post Easter

 This is me just after everyone left. I am BEAT! What a day. I had, we had a lot of company. Poppy came to visit and grandma, and my aunts and a lot of kids. Boy do they have a lot of energy. I  had to entertain all of them. Well when they weren’t eating anyway. They chased me, I chased them we all ran, we ate, we played, we ate, and in general kept moving all day, and eating.

I missed my mid-day nap!( this in some circles is known as a great disaster!)

Did you know that the insides of the brightly colored Easter eggs taste they same as regular old eggs? It seems to me they should taste different, better, maybe sweeter or something. Nope, just the same.

My dad made lasagna, I had some. wow is that stuff good. He also made seafood pot pie. That was good also.  I also had my usual dog food….meh, same old stuff.

I guess this day makes up for the other days when he was busy and was ignoring me for entire mintues on end. No, I am not needy. Sigh, ……………. tomorrow it is back to boring old Monday, ………….sigh.    But Today, Today was a day to remember!

Life Lesson: Some days are calm, some are crazy. Don’t get too bored or too nuts life has a way of running in cycles. Just when you think things can’t change, they do.

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