My dads is making Lasagna. He was up late last night making the sauce, (SAUCE!, Gravy is for meat!) Tonight he is making the Lasagna.

We’re having it on Easter, the day that bunnies turn to chocolate and people eat them. Also chickens apparently lay multi-colored eggs.  Anyway because my dads sister is vegetarian so my dad didn’t make a meat sauce or meatballs, (Hey, that’s me!) but he did put sausage in the sauce as a comprimise so the carnivores don’t get jipped. Ya’ see he is nice everyone is happy.

Apparently I am not getting any lasagna but I am happy because I got some sausage yesterday when he was making the sauce and today I got some of the ricotta cheese mix and some mozzerella too. See my dad lets everyone share in the good fortune.

Life Lesson: Even when you don’t get the whole prize just getting some of the side benefits is still a blessing.


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